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Friday, May 23, 2014

Tips For Purchasing Vintage Saxophones For Sale

Tips For Purchasing Vintage Saxophones For Sale

by Minnie Whitley

Buying a used musical instrument can be quite tricky, especially if it is an antique item. This is because it is not something you want just to keep as a relic; you could be buying it because you really want to play it. To avoid the many challenges that may arise in the process, you can use the guide below when looking for a vintage saxophones for sale.

Understand what you are looking for in detail. Many nonprofessionals or those who are not collectors never really understand what the product they want entails. As a result, they may end up with a counterfeit. Therefore, take time to research and find out as much information as possible, especially things relating to materials and year of manufacture.

Most popular brands are not very old, but you can get some horns from the 1960s or 1970s among manufacturers that still exist today. You may easily come across Yamaha, Selmer, and Trevor James horns, but it is also possible to find Keilworth, Yanigasawa, Vandoren, Alexander Classique, and Rico Royal saxes in the local music stores.

Understand whether you need an alto or a tenor sax. If you are a female player, then you will feel more comfortable learning with an alto horn. They are light and easy to lug along and also easy to manipulate as the tones are close together. The tenor horns are heavy and more preferred by males.

Check the condition of the horn before you make a decision. Vintage saxophones need to be kept in good conditions and maintained regularly so that they do not wear out too much. If it has been unused for years, then you will definitely find it difficult to play because it will produce a bad sound. Any minor defects should be corrected so that the sound quality is maintained.

Consider the cost. If you are a collector, you must appreciate the fact that most antique items are normally very expensive. This is because you are collecting them for their monetary value, which appreciates with time. However, you need to find out from different sellers what the average price is so that you do not overpay.

Compare what other dealers have and their prices. Remember that location can also affect the price considerably, so try to widen your search region. This can help you save a few dollars because you may find the same item being sold in the next town at a very good price.

The credibility of the seller is very important. Talk to various customers of the shop so that you can find out if they trust the quality of the items they have bought before. If there are many complaints, then you may also fall in the same situation.

The internet can help you identify certified shops. However, do not buy any item until you personally visit the shop. Ensure that you are given adequate time to examine the saxophone before you make the purchase. Be cautious of sellers who try to convince you to buy something you are not interested in.

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Thursday, January 16, 2014

A Rockstar Wife Blog Is Not The Only Idea

A Rockstar Wife Blog Is Not The Only Idea

by Marissa Velazquez

Plenty of people are making blogging a hobby as well as a way to gain recognition. Sometimes, when a blog is very successful online, the writer is offered a book deal. For this reason, lots of writers are looking toward blogging as a way to start or bolster their writing careers. However, it can be difficult to come up with an idea if you are not a celebrity and cannot write, for example, a rockstar wife blog. This does not have to be a problem, though. With enough creative thinking, anyone can write a blog. Here are some tips for getting started.

Are you someone who follows politics closely? You could use this interest to begin blogging. Try following the candidates and proposals that are relevant to your area, and giving your opinion of the options on the ballot. Readers will appreciate having a concise presentation of the information and an informed opinion to help them make their decisions.

Another fun and popular idea is a cooking journal. This could include a daily recipe, and anecdotes about your kitchen experiments. Sometimes, when things go wrong in the kitchen, it makes for a fun story and a cautionary tale. This type of journal can include photography; people love to see visual representations of the finished product.

Having children and also having sharp writing skills is a wonderful combination. Many parents create online journals of their experiences with their children. To protect privacy, these parents often change the names of their children and refrain from posting pictures of their faces.

Pets can make for wonderful writing material as well. Like children, they often provide humorous stories that become even more interesting when they are written in a witty manner. A pet owner's journal can also include grooming and pet care tips.

Poets and fiction writers already have the talent and practice in writing, so why not create a journal of the writing process? The journal could share the steps the writer used to develop a poem or story, and then share the poem or story itself, in its final form as well as the different drafts that it went through. Seeing this process unfold will help other writers with their own work.

Sometimes, readers enjoy blog that are not even based around a specific concept or gimmick. For a writer with a quick wit and a humorous perspective, simply sharing daily experiences can be interesting. Readers are inspired when they get to share in another person's triumph over the big and small problems that occur in everyday life. This can help them to feel more hopeful about their own lives, as well.

If you do not like any of these concepts, use them to get your brain working to come up with other ideas. Everyone has stories to share with the world; a rockstar wife blog may be interesting, but lots of other lives are interesting too. It is simply a matter of figuring out how to package the ideas and the stories that you already have in your head and in your life.

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Wednesday, June 5, 2013

A Brief History Of American Blues And Blues Festival

A Brief History Of American Blues And Blues Festival

by Jessie Uresti

The blues festival NC of the material have been made to other people in the world. It can be defined as a kind of feeling or a musical scale that people can do at home. There are many things that might comprehend the meaning of the materials in the area. Many historical accounts credit the African American slaves for the conception of the musical genre.

This has originated in the American history which is the best thing that the person could do. Slaves, former slaves and those that were descended from black Americans were considered to be the pioneers of the craft. Most of the music has evolved from the African American were a reflection of the struggles before the blacks were said to be made of something that other people will need to learn.

It reflects the historical associations of Black Americans. Before the modern concept of equality, people used have the concept of slavery which was then overthrown by people. These were more prevalent in the industrialized cities in the states. These were mostly performed for personal healing and entertainment of their peers.

No single person have invented the musical genre. It is more likely to be a collaborative effort of the oppressed people at the time. This was made to interact other people in the area. Much of the original music have followed these things. Most of these were credited to those who have been working on the fields.

The first publication of the sound in this manner were published during the nineteen hundreds. It has paved way for other people to explore music more. It is better for the people who need to make sure of the materials that other people who need it.

Commercial developments in the songs have made it popular in the country. This has a more sophisticated material since it is reflected with the populace. The transitions have been made to do the items that they need to learn.

This is an honest and enduring musical account of the lives of the singers at the time. Many of these are stories that have been placed in musical order. These have had a profound effect on slaves and revolutionaries at the time. One could be made by the people that they would need.

The blues festival NC has been made something that the people could do these things. Today, a select few people have taste for these musics. Others have even managed to incorporate it in pop culture of today.

Monday, October 15, 2012

Beatles News - - Beatles, Elvis & Sinatra Amongst Nominees For Inaugural Pop Music Hall Of Fame Class

Beatles News -
Beatles, Elvis & Sinatra Amongst Nominees For Inaugural Pop Music Hall Of Fame Class
September 18, 2012 at 8:06 PM
The Beatles, Elvis Presley, Frank Sinatra and The Beach Boys are among the first ever nominees for the American Pop Music Hall of Fame. Tony Bennett, Neil Diamond, The Carpenters and Simon & Garfu...

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Sunday, August 5, 2012

Bidding at Penny Auction Sites

Bidding at Penny Auction Sites

by Jessie Green

Owning your dream gadgets and scoring bargains have never been easier than by joining penny auctions. When you participate and get to win, you can save as much as 90% off on a variety of high quality goods with a price so good you won't be able to get them for the same rate on retail. However, winning requires persistence and skill, but when you win the savings are just incredible.

There are many penny auction sites on the internet, so you can choose a site of your choice that offers goods you are looking for. In general, a bidding session takes around 15 minutes, and you start your bid with a penny. There will be a round of bids where everyone can increase the rate to a penny, until the time is up and the last person to place their bid wins. The whole process is thrilling especially in the last five minutes when the bids get closer to ending, especially when you win!

You'll have to register to start bidding, and while some sites require you to pay a minimal registration fee most are free. If you prefer to skip the whole bidding process and purchase the item of your choice, look for websites which have a "Buy It Now" feature so you can purchase it without the risk of losing it to another bidder. The risk is much less although you will end up paying the normal market price.

Penny auction websites offer products of high value such as gadgets and electronics. There are also some websites that offer auctions on gift certificates, spa vouchers, beauty treatments, and even cash. The items you can find at heavily discounted rates on penny auction sites are limitless!

Most people think that luck is the key to winning in penny auctions, but the reality is that you need to have a strategy in place. Although the beginning may be frustrating, with practice and time you'll find that it's actually easy to win. One of the best tricks is to start placing your bid within the last 10 minutes of the auction, so there is less competition.

Joining doesn't guarantee that you will win although the excitement and thrill of joining is priceless! Winning is seen as more of a bonus, but try to keep in mind not to get too carried away with your risks.

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Friday, July 13, 2012

London cigar merchant sells rare Beatles cigar collection

Posted by Adam Forrest on Wednesday, 06/20/12 11:50 am] [Permalink] [Tweet This]

Mitchell Orchant, the owner of C.Gars Ltd of London, has sold a shadow box containing 25 very rare Beatles cigars for ?600.00 (about $950.00). He recently picked up this exceptional framed presentation box from an antiques collector in the UK.

According to the information on the back of the frame, these cigars were presented to Charles Berman for his work on The Beatles second movie, HELP!, that premiered in London on July 29th 1965. This is believed to be the last surviving presentation cabinet of these cigars. Single Beatles cigar examples are also known to have survived.


The bands on the cigars are photos taken by Dezo Hoffman of all four Beatles. Each set of band was produced in the early 1960's with blue, green, yellow and red accents. These bands were originally on cigars of Jamaican origin.

Mitchell Orchant is the owner of cigars shops throughout England and Scotland and is also the owner of Turmeaus Tobacconists in Liverpool, England. Turmeaus is the second oldest tobacconist in the UK and the only cigar store in Liverpool. The store is within one block of the world famous Cavern Club.

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Jimi Hendrix film will cover The Beatles instead of Hendrix

The movie entitled 'All Is By My Side’ will include cover songs from the likes of The Beatles.
The movie which is to star rapper Andre 3000 of Outkast fame in the lead role will, go ahead without permission from the late stars estate to use his music.
So, 3000 will be singing cover versions of material be Muddy Waters and The Beatles but this is thought to be true to life, in that Hendrix was doing just that in 1966/67 anyway.
The film will depict Hendrix covering 'Sgt Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band', which the rocker did in his early days as a backing musician whilst members of The Beatles famously watched from the audience of a London club.
The rockers sister Janie has control of her late brothers estate and a statement has been released by them stating that it 'has made it known many times in the past that no such film, were it to include original music or copyrights created by Jimi Hendrix, can be undertaken without its full participation'.
It further added: “They want to make a Jimi Hendrix movie without Jimi Hendrix music. It would be like making a movie about Lincoln without being able to use the Gettysburg Address.”
But the movie’s producer Sean McKittrick reckons there was never any intention to use Hendrix music in the film and permission to do so was never sought. 
Hendrix died at the tender age of just 27 in London’s Notting Hill district in September 1970 of a suspected drug overdose, having spent the night partying.

Friday, July 6, 2012

Former Beatle Sir Paul McCartney is auctioning one of his prized guitars for charity

Sir Paul McCartney will help raise thousands of pounds for charity when he auctions off one of his trademark bass guitars later this month. The former Beatle has donated the instrument, an autographed Hofner bass violin guitar, to be sold at the 02 Silver Clef Awards which raise money for music therapy charity Nordoff Robbins. He said: "I am delighted to have signed and donated this very special left-handed Hofner bass in order to raise funds for Nordoff Robbins. The work they do with music therapy transforms the lives of vulnerable children and adults across the UK, and I hope the sale of this guitar raises lots of money. Rock on." The last time he donated a signed guitar it raised £60,000 for the charity.
Its chairman David Munns said: "Sir Paul McCartney is a living legend and we couldn't be happier about this huge act of generosity for the second time. McCartney was awarded the Silver Clef Award himself in 1988 and has since been extremely supportive. The O2 Silver Clef Awards began 37 years ago, and through that event alone we have raised over £8 million for Nordoff Robbins, allowing us to use music to transform the lives of many thousands of disadvantaged and vulnerable people. Our music therapy work is life-changing but we need to raise more funds to continue to reach those who need it the most."

Rare ticket for The Beatles’ gig in Norwich sells at auction

Ticket from The Beatles' Norwich gig which sold at auction for £1,875.
It cost only seven shillings and sixpence (about 38p) to see The Beatles perform at the Grosvenor in Prince of Wales Road, now home to KFC, on Friday, May 17, 1963.
However, the ticket was considered particularly valuable because it is autographed by John Lennon and Ringo Starr.
Before the auction, at Bonhams in London, experts accurately forecast that the ticket would sell for between £1,500 and £2,000.
If the ticket had also been signed by Paul McCartney and George Harrison it would have been worth nearer £4,000.
It was snapped up by a mystery bidder for more than seven times the £250 fee The Beatles received for playing in Norwich.

Beatles 50th anniversary art exhibit opens Saturday in Los Angeles

On Saturday, July 7, over 80 visual artists pay homage to 50 years of the Fab Four at the Nucleus Art Gallery in Alhambra. An international roster of talent is submitting work in a variety of mediums displayed throughout a two-level gallery space. The exhibit, All Together Now, promises to be a memorable fan event.


The opening night festivities will include a Beatles cover band, a costume contest, raffle prizes, and fan activities. In addition fans on opening night who attend dressed in your best 1960's attire, whether it be an early 60's mod look or spreading peace and love as a late 60's flower child, will receive free admission to the opening night event.

The Beatles art will be on exhibit at the Nucleus Art Gallery which is located at 210 East Main St in Alhambra CA, from July 7, 2012 through July 29, 2012. The opening Reception is July 7, from 7:00PM to 11:00PM. For those not local, the entire exhibit will be viewable online.